Help Me Understand | Ep. 004: You & Your New Words

On this episode, Randi & Niema work to dissect and discuss toxic masculinity and "woke"—two terms that are increasingly becoming a part of a mainstream vocabulary without an actual definition. New to this episode is what's on our hosts radar. 
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•What Does It Really Mean to Be "Woke"?:
•Bustle: What Does "Woke" Mean? There's More to the Slang Term Than You Think:
•ESSENCE Woke 100 List(Peep Randi at #48!):
•Bustle's 6 Harmful Effects of Toxic Masculinity:
•Masculinity & Misogyny in the Digital Age:
•The Toxicity of Men Silencing Women:
•Brene Brown on Vulnerability:
•Trap Medicine:
•He Never Came Home: Interviews, Stories, and Essays from Daughters on Life Without Their Fathers (Regina R. Robertson):
•Fatherless (Fusion Docu-Series):
•Second City Presents: Nothing to Lose (But Our Chains):
•Kendrick Lamar + D.R.A.M. + Travis Scott Tour:
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Creator + Executive Producer + Editor: Randi Gloss
Associate Producer: Niema Jordan
Music: John Lass (Intro); Nangdo (Break 1); Harris Cole (Break 2)

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