Q: Does GLOSSRAGS donate to any charities or organizations?

GLOSSRAGS is an official ambassador & founding donor of the Smithsonian Museum of African-American History & Culture.

In the past, GLOSSRAGS has donated to The Trayvon Martin Foundation, The Amadou Diallo Foundation, Hands Up United & other organizations. GLOSSRAGS is continuously in the process of developing partnerships with activist organizations & foundations. If you'd like to suggest a worthy organization or foundation, drop us a line.

Q: Can I suggest a name for The And Counting Collection?

Absolutely. As heartbreaking & infuriating as it is, the list keeps growing & was not all-inclusive when Vol. I was first produced in April 2014. We do our best to choose fallen brothers & sisters who represent regions, age demographics, symbolism and the different roles that they have in their lives.

Q: Are GLOSSRAGS Goods sold in any stores?

Not at this time. GLOSSRAGS Goods are exclusively sold through our website unless otherwise stated. Please notify us if you see our goods being sold anywhere else, whether it's online or in person.